The Process

How do we proceed?
At DECOM Amsterdam, maritime objects are dismantled in a circular and environmentally friendly way.

1. Assess maritime object

If a maritime object has reached its end of life, DECOM would like to offer support to dismantle the object in an environmentally friendly way. To make the owner of the object a good offer, it is important that all relevant information regarding the maritime object is made available.

2. Transparent offer

After assessing relevant information of the maritime object, Team DECOM is able to make an appropriate and non-binding offer to completely dismantle and recycle the object within a few days.

3. Schedule transportation

If an agreement is reached, a plan of action will be drawn up in joint consultation with the owner of the object in which agreements will be made about the transport. In this plan of action we will agree on how the object will be transported. DECOM Amsterdam can arrange the transport of any maritime object under its own management.

4. Decommissioning and completion

Upon arrival of the maritime object, DECOM will start with the stripping of all harmful substances after which the object will be dismantled in its entirety and transported to certified processing companies for that purpose. Once the entire ship has been dismantled, a final report will be prepared, including all required documents. A copy of this final report goes to the client.
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