Our Team

The success of DecomAmsterdam lies in the strength and cooperation of our compact team.
We like to put our shoulders to the wheel on projects and ideas that are innovative
and really make an impact.

Wim Beelen

Creative Founder
Plotting the strategic route, anticipating developments and coming up with groundbreaking concepts. Wim has been doing it since he was a teenager.

Arnold Sijtsma

Operations Manager
With a background in ecology and environmental biology, Arnold is the man who prepares and supervises the permits for the various construction projects. He also does due diligence in the areas of land use planning and the environment.

Udo Kock

Creative Founder
As a former alderman for Finance, Economic Affairs and Zuidas in Amsterdam and with years of experience at the International Monetary Fund, Udo brings a wealth of administrative, economic and financial knowledge and experience. He advises Larendael on strategy, stakeholder management and finance.

Elsbeth de Man

Personal Assistant
As his right hand Elsbeth ensures that Wim can perform optimally and does not have to worry about the side issues. Flexible, helpful and a great organiser. It is no coincidence that they have been working together for 15 years.

Jelle Beelen

Project Manager
Jelle is responsible for managing the various projects. He has completed an international management education and gained the necessary experience with projects in the field of quality, efficiency and IT.

Lisette Beelen

Marketing Manager
Systematic and structured are clear qualities of Lisette. As a professional in marketing and communication, she is responsible for putting Larendael ever better on the map. She also takes care of balance in the daily hectic.

Jelle Beelen

As Director of Decom Amsterdam, I am engaged daily in the further expansion of this Wonderful company and we will continue to engage in the dismantling and dismantling of maritime objects in a circular and environmentally responsible manner.

Chris Blankestijn

Chris ensures financial stability. By combining his passion for numbers and IT (data driven) with his sense of structure, he knows better than anyone else how to make the finances fully transparent/accessible at daily bases, taking into account up to date data security and data allocation. By combining Finance, IT and the Business through data valuation and providing insight, the focus is on the right place!
The people behind DecomAmsterdam
Larendael was founded by the Beelen family with the aim of investing in projects and ideas that are sustainable, innovative and challenging.
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