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Expert in remediation and circular dismantling of marine objects.
DECOM Amsterdam was started in 2018 by KOOLE Contractors and has since been acquired by Larendael Participations. DECOM Amsterdam Bv ranks among the top industrial contractors in the Benelux and has gained great reputation worldwide in the field of industrial demolition, remediation, wreck removal, emergency response and construction of maritime structures.

Sustainable and affordable alternative to end-of-life ships

DECOM offers a sustainable and affordable alternative for end-of-life ships that would otherwise be irresponsibly scrapped outside Europe.
In many cases, end-of-life ships are scrapped under poor social and environmental conditions, often in yards and beaches outside Europe. This poses unacceptable risks to people and the environment. Yet it still happens on a large scale. At DECOM Amsterdam, maritime objects are dismantled in a circular and environmentally responsible manner. Hazardous materials, such as asbestos, NORM materials, oil residues, lead or paint containing chromium-6, are removed, separated and processed in an environmentally responsible manner. Valuable raw materials, such as iron, copper and aluminum, are given a new life and offered to specialized parties for reuse.

EU SRR Legislation

The laws and regulations regarding the demolition of maritime objects are becoming increasingly stringent. Among other things, the new European legislation (EU SRR) will come into effect in 2021. This law puts an end to the export of waste in the form of end-of-life ships to developing countries. The dismantling of European ships must therefore take place in an EU-approved dismantling yard and under strict supervision. Currently, only a few shipyards meet this EU standard.

Fully complies with new laws and regulations

DECOM Amsterdam fully complies with the new laws and regulations and is thus optimally prepared for the future and the expected market growth.


Amsterdam is the ideal home for DECOM's activities. DECOM's own site has an area of 16 hectares. Half of it is water, the other half working land. The yard has a capacity of 200 kilotons per year, making it one of the largest dismantling yards in Europe in terms of recycling capacity. The port has its own jetty suitable for mooring ships with a draught of 9 meters and a length of about 150 meters. Access roads are excellent - thanks in part to the widening of the sea locks at IJmuiden - and Amsterdam is strategically located very favorably to the North Sea and other major European ports. The port has its own long quay intended for docking the stock of ships to be dismantled.

How does the yard work?

Platforms are lifted directly onto the site, then dismantling is carried out on site. Ships first dock at the quay. After a thorough inspection and inventory, they are stripped of any liquids present the hazardous materials are professionally removed in accordance with current legislation. Once this is done, the ship will be placed on the liquid-proof floor by means of winches. There, further dismantling takes place. The waste and scrap metal is stored separately and loaded dry into containers or barges. The residual waste is processed by certified waste processors.

Jelle Beelen

As Director of Decom Amsterdam, I am engaged daily in the further expansion of this Wonderful company and we will continue to engage in the dismantling and dismantling of maritime objects in a circular and environmentally responsible manner.
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