Sustainable and circular dismantling
DECOM Amsterdam is a proud partner of DecomMissionBlue. Together with ten other major companies and our combined perspectives, we want to find innovative and more sustainable ways to dismantle and recycle offshore & large marine objects in the North Sea. We are ready to work for a circular and sustainable future with a clean North Sea.

Shared ambition

DecomMissionBlue grew out of the partners' shared ambition to address the growing challenge of dismantling and recycling offshore and maritime objects.
The DECOM Amsterdam shipyard is the perfect location for DecomMissionBlue to dismantle offshore objects from the North Sea. Together with other companies within the DecomMissionBlue network, we combine our own individual expertise to dismantle and recycle offshore & large marine objects.

Location, location, location

The central location of the DECOM Amsterdam yard means that DecomMissionBlue can dismantle and process all materials within a 16-kilometer radius, minimizing emissions and carbon footprint.

DECOM Amsterdam is a licensed ship recycling company and is fully compliant with laws and regulations.

DecomMissionBlue Trailer

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