Larendael Development

Larendael specializes in the redevelopment of waterfront brownfields. We purchase these sites, remediate and redevelop them into sustainable real estate projects.

Utilize existing space

The population is growing. The Netherlands is facing a growing housing shortage, but there is also a need for space to do business. This puts increasing pressure on open space, which is scarce and finite. So we have to do more with less space. By developing contaminated or vacant sites, so-called brownfields, we are doing our bit to make the best possible use of the existing space. The latter preferably via the water.

From brownfield to sustainable real estate project

At the start of a project, we focus on the bigger picture. By taking all variables into account, we are able to develop a unique plan and enthuse stakeholders. In addition, we continuously search for Innovation to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Our future-proof approach means that we always look for opportunities to easily make existing configurations larger. We invest in structural solutions that last for years.

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