DECOM Amsterdam x DecomMissionBlue

Sustainable and circular decommissioning.

DECOM Amsterdam and KOOLE Contractors are proud partners of DecomMissionBlue. Together with ten other large companies and our combined perspectives, we aim to find innovative and more sustainable ways to decommission and recycle offshore & large maritime objects in the North Sea. We are ready to work towards a circular and sustainable future with a clean North Sea.

DecomMissionBlue originated from its partners shared ambition to tackle the growing challenge of decommissioning and recycling offshore & maritime objects.

The DECOM Amsterdam Shipyard is the perfect location for DecomMissionBlue to dismantle offshore objects coming from the North Sea. Together with other companies within the DecomMissionBlue network, we combine our own individual expertises to decommission and recycle offshore & large maritime objects.

Location, location, location

 The central position of DECOM Amsterdam yard means that DecomMissionBlue can decommission and process all materials within a range of ten miles while keeping emissions and the ecological footprint to a minimum.

“Decommissioning is becoming a major activity for the port of Amsterdam port and involves everything related to the circular economy and waste processing,” comments Jurgen Treffers, CFO of Koole Contractors. “By working together as partners in DecomMissionBlue we can provide a total package of solutions for the entire process and throughout the chain, from inventory to reuse, from oil major to steel processor. In other words, a sustainable closed cycle within a radius of just ten miles.”

DECOM Amsterdam is an approved ship recycling facility and fully complies with the legislation and regulations.

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